chris potoski2 300x300 Chris PotoskiAfter graduating from Central Michigan University in 1995 I spent many years in the health care industry ultimately “retiring” as vice president of the nations fastest growing disease management company.  Ironically,  it was a health related issue that led to an abrupt yet rewarding career change.  These past years have been dedicated to exploring the relationship and effect between social networking platforms, standard, content rich web properties and organic search engine strategies.

In 2007 I founded WhyZoom Media which is dedicated to providing global SEO services to clients across the country as well as providing custom WordPress services.

In 2009 my business partner and I founded Invixis Media Systems which specializes in developing custom, Micro Social Communities for our clients as well as developing our own domain properties.

Together these companies:

+ Own / Operate 350+ Web Properties
+ Develop Interactive Software
+ Provide Search Engine Consulting Services & Strategies
+ Develop and Deliver Targeted Advertising Across Our Network

My business goals through 2011 are ambitious but simple : To provide value to our customers and companies through social, content rich,  niche web properties.

The project I am most excited about is the highly scalable, Social Business Directory to be launched in Q2 2011 at

My personal life is dedicated to family and the pursuit of adventure. I truly enjoy fishing, skiing, golf, tennis and travel. I have been happily married for fifteen years to a lady who is truly my best friend. I couldn’t imagine a day without her. Some would say we are wine snobs and I take that as a compliment .. we simply love a great bottle of wine! For the past five years my daughter and I have spend every Friday having what we affectionately call ” Daddy / Daughter ” night. Usually we hit dinner and a movie but regardless of the ” event ” and regardless of whether or not she remembers these evenings .. I will remember each and every one.


As we were researching and developing our social business directory ( ) I  realized that while I consider myself to be very knowledgeable in global search engine strategies, local search is a completely different animal.  Honestly it has been like starting over from scratch.

So I began reading and digesting every article I could find as well as began talking to local merchants here in my hometown of Raleigh NC.  What I discovered is that the local merchants who have embraced SEM are a wealth of knowledge,  tricks and tips when it comes to local search.

So here at SEO My City you will find what I feel are the top articles and information related to local search. Articles in the main area are RSS’d from excellent sources so please visit their sites for further information.  Articles in the Featured Area have either been written by local merchants,  top local search experts and if I’m feeling brave … myself.  I come here often for my own research & insightful information regarding a true growth area in search… Local!

If you have any questions about this site, Invixis , Merchant Who,  etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form below. I actually do answer all of my emails!

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